Resolutions are your Day Hospital coding experts!

Resolutions are Australia’s clinical coding and auditing specialists for Day Hospitals!

Resolutions has been servicing the Day Hospital sector for more than 25 years. We offer a full suite of services including contract clinical coding support, revenue optimisation and coding audits, as well as education on all aspects of health information management. Add to this our clinical coding application, VisiCODE and our Day Hospital Coding Course and it is easy to see why Resolutions are Australia’s day hospital coding specialists!

Upskill your coding staff with Resolutions' Day Hospital Coding Course

Day Hospital Coding Course

Enrol your administration and coding staff in our Day Hospital Coding Course. The course will give your staff a strong understanding of coding diagnoses and procedures of relevant specialties in line with Australian Coding Standards.

VisiCODE Clinical coding application for Day Hospitals

Improve your coding process

Day Hospitals should check out our web-based coding application VisiCODE. The simple automated process means your coding can be done by anyone, anytime! Code 2 hours after discharge. Ask for a FREE trial now!

Clear the backlog with a contract coder from Resolutions

Clear the coding backlog

Efficient and timely clinical coding are imperative to optimise your cashflow. Resolutions offer onsite or remote contract coding as the perfect solution to ensure business continuity.

ICD-10-AM Clinical coder education

Coder Education

Do you know how accurate your coding is? Are you missing out on revenue? A coding audit can identify gaps in coding. We can then develop a targeted education plan focused on quality improvement.

Clinical coding revenue optimisation audit

Optimise your revenue

How accurate is your coded data? Check now and optimise your coding before billing! A revenue optimisation audit ensures you are not missing out on billable items. Are your coders correctly applying the new ACS0002 Additional diagnoses standard?

Clinical coding documentation audit

Review your documentation

Resolutions recommends an audit to review your clinical documentation to identify any issues that impact the coding process as well as ensuring it meets accreditation requirements.