Clinical Coding Application for Day Hospitals

VisiCODE is a web-based clinical coding application for day hospitals, small private hospitals and day units. VisiCODE enables a day hospital to complete its coding efficiently and therefore bill at their discretion.

VisiCODE increases cashflow, improves staff performance and time utilisation, enables prompt billing and delivers accurate and more efficient outcomes faster, putting our customers in control of their business bottom line.

Revenue shortfalls and error rates are both vastly reduced by the automated process of this web-based application, enabling users to access VisiCODE at their convenience.

Coding can be completed by staff members without a coding background, eliminating or reducing the need for specialist staff or the cost of external contractors.

With VisiCODE, you can complete most episode coding on patient discharge.

Resolutions can customise the application to suit individual facilities, and VisiCODE continues to evolve to support a growing range of specialist day hospital facilities.

Who Uses VisiCODE Clinical Coding Application

VisiCODE is the perfect coding solution for day hospitals, small private hospitals and day units. Specialties currently supported by VisiCODE include:

Ophthalmology (eyes) Endoscopy
Plastics/skin Dermatology
General surgery Oncology
ENT Mental health
Genitourinary/IVF Specialist vein clinics

We are continually adding specialties to meet our clients’ needs. If you would like to use VisiCODE for another specialty, for example cardiology or podiatry, just ask us!

What our clients say about VisiCODE

“Darwin Day Surgery uses Resolutions’ web-based coding tool, VisiCODE. We have had a very positive experience dealing with the VisiCODE product and have found the Resolutions team to be professional and efficient. We would recommend Resolutions to other facilities wanting to improve or enhance their clinical coding practices.”

“A yearly VisiCODE license was cheaper than the contract rates to replace our existing coder for leave.”

Leading ophthalmic day surgery

“We had an experienced coder and was happy with the quality, but she was only able to come once a fortnight. Once we implemented VisiCODE our financials were under 30 days for the first time. Our Board was extremely happy.”

Major ophthalmology clinic

“We were sick of paying education to train coders and then they left us for the public sector seeking more money. VisiCODE gave us the business continuity we were seeking.”

“I am not a coder however it enables me to code and keep the cashflow up for the business.”

“Support team is very helpful.”

“It’s great for the everyday coder.”

“Easy to navigate.”

“User friendly.”

“A great system.”

“Easy to use.”

About VisiCODE

About VisiCODE

Find out more about VisiCODE clinical coding application.

Product Features

Product Features

See why VisiCODE is the clinical coding tool that’s right for you!

How VisiCODE Works

How VisiCODE Works

See how easy it is to complete your clinical coding with VisiCODE!

Video Demonstration

Video Demonstration

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to code with VisiCODE.

Data Security

Data Security

With VisiCODE you can rest assured that your health data is secure.

VisiCODE Support

VisiCODE Support

VisiCODE support you can rely on.