Clinical Coding Auditing

Resolutions are clinical coding auditing and documentation auditing specialists for the health information industry. Our auditing services will ensure that your facility is maximising its revenues, whilst also meeting all funding compliance requirements.

Resolutions’ highly-skilled Health Information Managers and Clinical Coding Auditors can provide you with the results and management tools necessary to help you get the best out of your health information.

This means greater knowledge and higher efficiency – you will be more up to date and have fewer data inaccuracies.

Our experience has found that hospitals, in particular, can be ‘doing themselves a disservice’ by consistently under-coding. These inaccuracies often do not become apparent until an external audit is conducted.

Whether you are a Health Information Manager or Clinical Coder in a hospital or day surgery, you need information that is consistently accurate and up to date, and compliant with the latest standards. Deficiencies in data can lead to under-funding and under-payment of casemix entitlements. With a Resolutions audit, coding inaccuracies are generally not repeated after feedback is provided to the coding staff.

Coding is the basis of the revenue earned by all health services providing inpatient care to patients. Every facility should have the expectation to maximise the revenue it earns based on the services it provides: this is why coding accuracy is imperative. Auditing detects coding errors and the monetary disadvantage to the facility as a result. Identifying coding errors which affect DRG reimbursements is vital and can be identified through our coding and auditing systems.

Quality standards

As part of our auditing service, we provide documentation auditing of your medical record. This service can be provided as an external service (on-site) or internally via our new web-based applications Visicode and ResiCAT. Both applications meet the quality standards of the QPS benchmarking to enable you to audit internally according to your accreditation requirements.


Our professional advice ensures you comply with the EQUIP standards which require regular review of documentation in accordance with information management guidelines.

Best practice

We evaluate your health information management policies and procedures to ensure your facility is running at peak performance and meeting requirements.

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