Day Hospital Coding Course

Resolutions’ Day Hospital Coding Course provides a cost-effective, practical training solution for day hospitals, small private hospitals and day units. The course is delivered by correspondence and participants can choose the specialty modules relevant to their facilities.


Clinical coding education


What does the course cover?

The first five modules are compulsory for all participants. Students can then select any additional specialty modules they would like to do. Each module consists of a mix of medical terminology, explanation of how to code and application of coding standards.

Module Content Description
1 Introduction to coding diseases with ICD-10-AM and General Medical Terms
2 Coding Procedures with the Australian Classification of Health Interventions (ACHI)
3 Australian Coding Standards and Coding from the Medical Record
4 Coding symptoms, factors influencing health status & infectious diseases
5 Coding injury, complications, adverse drug reactions and sequelae with ICD-10-AM
6 Coding ENT diseases with ICD-10-AM
7 Coding Digestive diseases with ICD-10-AM
8 Coding Dental diseases with ICD-10-AM
9 Coding skin, subcutaneous tissue & cosmetics with ICD-10-AM
10 Coding Musculoskeletal diseases with ICD-10-AM
11 Coding IVF and Genitourinary diseases with ICD-10-AM
12 Coding Circulatory system diseases with ICD-10-AM
13 Coding Haematology & Oncology diseases with ICD-10-AM
14 Coding Eye Diseases with ICD-10-AM


How is the course delivered?

Each module is offered by way of distance education using either email or standard post. Following the course content, there are self-assessment exercises to monitor your progress and then a final assignment for submission, which is made up of line coding, coding scenarios and coding from discharge summaries.

How long does the course take to complete?

Generally speaking, the course needs to be completed within 12 months. Modules vary in complexity so you may complete some quickly and others may take you longer. Time taken will also depend on how many specialty modules you need to complete. The course is completed by self-directed study so each person’s progress may also depend on their work commitments and study time.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes, each person who successfully completes the course will received a Certificate of Completion. Students must achieve a minimum pass mark of 85% for each module. The course is industry recognised.

Are there any additional resources required?

Students are required to access ICD-10-AM, ACHI and ACS coding books which are available in hard copy or online. We recommend TurboCoder as a preferred provider of a digital clinical coding reference tool. A TurboCoder discount is available to all Day Hospital Coding Course students and will be provided on enrolment.

It is also recommended that students refer to a medical terminology text.

Are discounts available for group enrolments?

Yes! Discounts are available when enrolling multiple students. *

No. of enrolments Discount
5-10 students 5%
11 or more 15%

* Enrolments must be received on the same day. Individual enrolment forms must be completed for each student.