Module 7 – Coding Digestive Diseases with ICD-10-AM/ACHI

The Aim Of This Module

    • Introduce the content of Chapter 11 Diseases of the Digestive System of the ICD‑10‑AM Tabular List.
    • Introduce Chapter 2 Neoplasms of ICD-10-AM in as much as it relates to diseases of the digestive system.
    • Introduce medical terms, structures and abbreviations relating to the digestive system.
    • Explain how diseases and conditions of the digestive system are coded.
    • Explain how neoplasms are coded.
    • Provide practice exercises in coding from Chapter 11 and Chapter 2 of ICD-10-AM.

The Objective Of This Module

  • Code records of patients being investigated or treated for diseases and disorders of the digestive system in a Day Surgery setting.
  • Recognise and apply medical terms when coding the conditions and procedures of the digestive system.
  • Apply relevant Australian Coding Standards to the coding of conditions classified in Chapter 11 and Chapter 2 of ICD-10-AM.


Students must successfully complete the compulsory Modules 1-5 before proceeding with this module.