Coding with VisiCODE

Coding with VisiCODE is easy! This simple tool can be used by anyone to efficiently and accurately code your medical records.

Export the de-identified uncoded discharged patient records out of your PAS and into VisiCODE, either via a sync tool or API infrastructure. This will automatically populate VisiCODE with the required information such as URN, date of birth, gender, admission date and episode number.

Coding is then completed in VisiCODE by selecting the principal diagnosis (from the operative report), any additional diagnoses, procedures and anaesthetic (from the pathology results and supporting documents in the medical record). Coding standards are automatically applied as the user works through the drop-down menus and tick boxes in the system.  The ICD-10-AM codes are automatically generated on the screen and a Coding Summary can be saved.

The final step is to export the coding from VisiCODE back into your PAS via the sync tool or API. Depending on the PAS you use, the grouping is completed upon re-entry of the information from VisiCODE, giving you the final codes and DRG to enable invoicing.

VisiCODE also enables you to export coded episodes to a standard spreadsheet format for reconciliation, reporting and auditing purposes.

The VisiCODE Process