Clinical Coding Education FAQs

Find answers to clinical coding education FAQs, including customised on-site training and Resolutions’ Day Hospital Coding Course.

Resolutions Health Information Managers and Auditors offer tuition and training to health care staff, which can be tailored to suit your situation.

Our training courses and customised packages represent additional products in their own right, and can be delivered on-site or remotely according to your needs.

Who can enrol in the Day Hospital Coding Course (DHCC)?

Anyone can do the DHCC. There is no pre-requisite to complete the course as most of our participants are already working in a day hospital. It is recommended that you have completed a medical terminology course or have experience with medical terminology.

How long does the course take?

Every person is different, and this also depends on their medical terminology experience and current work commitments. Generally speaking, the course needs to be completed within 12 months. Modules vary in complexity, so some may be completed quicker than others.

How much does the course cost?

Specific prices are available on application, according to the unique needs of your organisation. There is a set of compulsory modules, comprising:

Module 1: Introduction to clinical coding and coding diseases with ICD-10-AM

Module 2: Coding Procedures with the Australian Classification of Health Interventions (ACHI)

Module 3: Australian Coding Standards and Coding from the Medical Record

Module 4: Coding Symptoms, Factors Influencing Health Status and Infectious Diseases

Module 5: Coding Injury, Complications, Adverse Drug Reactions and Sequelae

Then you can select the modules of the specialty you treat at your facility. For example, if you are an Endoscopy centre then you would complete Module 7: Coding Digestive Diseases with ICD-10-AM.

All modules are listed on our DHCC page where you can read more.

What are the qualifications of your educators?

All of our educators have completed a Training and Development Certificate and have previously worked for the National Centre for Classification in Health. All are qualified Health Information Managers who have worked as either coders or auditors and specialise in education.

Can you tailor an education package to suit my needs?

Of course. Often our clients require customised education – such as education in health fund contracting and its effects on coding – and we provide as an inclusion basic casemix education. Tailor-made education is usually dependent on the experience and background of those attending and the specialties taught.

We need an introductory package for coding in day surgeries – how can you assist us?

In addition to our day hospital coding course conducted by correspondence, we also provide tailor-made, on-site coding education to suit the needs of your facility. You may be a specialist operation such as an endoscopy centre, or require coding training in a quick, efficient manner to meet your needs. Consider on-site coding training at your facility. It is cheaper to conduct the coding education in this manner and is conducted in a matter of days depending on your requirements.

What does the on-site education involve?

This involves teaching coders using our DHCC material at your facility with some tailor-made education pertinent to your specialty/ies. On-site education has the added bonus of discussion and question time with the opportunity for one-on-one training, with, typically, three people and the trainer. More than five people attending requires an extra trainer. The facility can pay an additional per person rate over and above the standard three-attendee rate. Handouts are provided and plenty of time given for attendees to complete exercises. There is the added bonus of casemix overview including the health fund contracting process.

How much does the on-site education cost?

Resolutions charges a daily rate for day hospital coding education and the time taken for completion will be dependent on the specialties required to teach. At a minimum there is usually the five introductory modules and then any additional individual specialty modules. We also provide on-site tuition for coders. Our experience has found that new coders can correctly code the conditions found from the coding books but may start by extracting an incorrect condition. The only way to improve these skills is to be sit beside the coder and watch the extraction process. Often the extraction process of the coder is the issue. This service can be provided on a daily- or hourly-rate basis.

What qualification do I receive after completing the course?

If completing an on-site course, attendees will receive a certificate of attendance. If you then complete the assignments and pass, you will receive a certificate of completion. These are all industry recognised. If completing the DHCC, attendees will receive a certificate of completion upon passing each module. This is industry recognised.

Any education question not shown here?

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