Clinical Coding FAQs

Find answers to FAQs about contract clinical coding. Read on to find out about the benefits of contract coding, and what your organisation should be looking for in a coding provider.

Common questions about Resolutions’ services, pricing and team expertise are also addressed in this section.

What are my options with coding?

We can provide coding on-site or remotely. Remote coding can involve a secure connection or other methods. With our large team of coders and ability to be flexible in our response, Resolutions can code when it suits you.

What should I look for when sourcing coders?

Coders who are experienced and qualified, who act professionally, complete the job to the client’s satisfaction – and who ‘go the extra mile’ for you. Coders who code to the facility requirements: medical records of any size and type. Coders who are regularly audited and who have experience in the casemix of your facility. Output rates should meet industry standards and accuracy is, naturally, a priority.

How much does contract coding cost?

This will depend on the type and size of a facility, its casemix specialty and customer requirements for completion.

What are the benefits of utilising Resolutions coding services?

Clearly, our coding knowledge and the ability to code at any type of facility, code any type of medical record (paper or electronic) and navigate any type of patient administration system. We have coders for all types of facilities with industry benchmark output and quality rates.

What are the qualifications of Resolutions coders?

We provide coders that match the casemix of your facility. You can be assured that the coders we send have experience in the cases requiring coding. Our coders are stringently tested using our unique testing protocols. Resolutions has developed a testing protocol based on a study conducted which identified the core skills required for efficient and effective coding. This involves speed and accuracy testing including a coding test and psychological testing.

Why does Resolutions have different pricing to other contract coders?

Facilities have different requirements based on the casemix specialties of each and, therefore, different challenges in coding requirements. Each unique situation is assessed accordingly, and we provide the best coders that match the coding specialty. Whilst coding output is important, the quality of output is the most important aspect of our coding service. Our coders are regularly audited and educated to keep up with coding practices and ensuring your coding is accurate and timely.

Any coding question not shown here?

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