ISO 9001 Quality Standards Mark
Resolutions’ Management System has been certified to ISO 9001 Quality, for the scope of provision of specialist health information consulting, clinical coding, auditing and related training services for the health sector, and software development and sales for clinical coding and auditing.

Resolutions Quality Policy Statement

Resolutions is a consultancy providing specialist health information consulting and clinical coding, auditing and education for the health sector.


Resolutions is firmly committed to:

·       Comply with client requirements and applicable regulatory and statutory requirements

·       Comply with ISO 9001:2015

·       Ensure that our external providers conform to requirements of our clients, to our quality objectives, and to applicable regulatory requirements

·       Monitor, inspect, measure and report the effectiveness of our quality management system

·       Identify opportunities for continual improvement

·       Managing change and to controlling risk.

Business Objectives

Resolutions monitors and measures objectives and targets to:

·       Maintain a client service focus

·       Consistently deliver client satisfaction in our services

·       Embed operating efficiencies to deliver business resilience and sustainability.

Application of This Policy

This statement is issued to indicate our commitment to our clients and our standards of service.  The full support of our employees, suppliers and subcontractors is sought in meeting our commitment.

This policy applies to all business operations and functions, including those situations where workers are required to work remotely.

Debbie Abbott (Director)


20 July 2022